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SATs (Standard Attainment Tests) are now taken in year 2 and year 6 with phonics tests being taken in year 1. KS2 SATs papers or SATs `tests` are taken by children during May of Year 6 as part of the National Curriculum assessment programme. Children are between 10 and 11 years of age. These Sats papers are taken after 11+ tests and private school entrance exams. Calculators may no longer be used in Maths and Science papers are only sat by random schools. SATs for KS1 year 2 are taken during June.


New Tests from 2016  (includes SATs 2022 papers)

In the summer term of 2016, children in Year 2 and Year 6 first took the new style SATs papers for the first time. These tests in English and Mathematics aim to reflect the new national curriculum, and are intended to be much more rigorous. There will be a new marking scheme to replace the existing national curriculum levels. English tests will include reading as well as spelling, puncuation and grammar as maths will include arithmetic as well as mathematical fluency, solving problems and reasoning. Random schools will see children tested at KS2 in Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

KS2 Level 6 papers have been scrapped. Effectively mental maths has been replaced with arithmetic and Test A and B have been replaced with Reasoning papers 2 and 3 and are similar to the old tests A and B (but calculators cannot be used). The old style maths SATs papers are still of use as the papers are so similar and are recommended for practice.

We believe the level 6 tests have effectively been scrapped. As the new tests are for the entire ability range they are no way comparable to the old level 6 papers. The new tests are effectively comparable to the previous level 3-5 tests and do not stretch children to as level 6 papers did.

Mock SATs maths papers for SATs 2022 are available from the online shop in pdf for immediate download  click this link.

2022 specification SATs mock papers.

KS2 year 6 Maths papers are available as a combined pack or individually.
KS2 year 6 English papers are available as a combined pack.

KS1 year 2 Maths papers are available as a combined pack.
KS1 year 2 English papers are available as a combined pack.


KS2 SATs Year 6 Mock Pack Tests 1, 2 & 3 combined pack £12.95
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KS2 SATs Year 6 Mock Pack Arithmetic Papers  (Test 1) £4.95
KS2 SATs Year 6 Mock Pack Arithmetic Papers  (Test 2) £4.95
KS2 SATs Year 6 Mock Pack Reasoning Papers (Test 3) £4.95
KS2 SATs Year 6 English Mocks A & B (2 full mocks/6 papers) £4.95
KS1 SATs Year 2 Mock Pack Papers 1 & 2 (4 tests/8 papers) £4.95
KS1 SATs Year 2 Mock Pack Papers 1 to 4 (2 tests/8 papers) £4.95

SATs Preparation

All past SATs papers can be downloaded FREE of charge from this website, for personal use. Best of all you do not need to register and we do not ask for your details, unlike other websites. Simply click and download. Some websites offer options to undertake SATs papers online. Although SATs papers are undertaken using paper, online solutions are useful as they allow instant marking and many sites provide full explanations for Maths questions. SATs papers only provide answers. There are no explanations. If you consider the cost of printing SATs papers and then the time required to mark them, online solutions are an extremely cost effective preparation option. Most children are intelligent enough to be able to switch between online and offline solutions. Maths and Spelling can be undertaken online at Grammar tests (and quick spelling tests) can be undertaken at

New KS2 Year 6 Times Tables check

There is nothing to worry about. Some children know their tables by the end of year 2 and many know them by the end of year 4. The most comprehensive times table module is available at It ensures children know their tables inside out.

Forget knowing 7 x 6 = 42.  Try solving ? x 7 = 56 (yes, ? is 8) and 42 ÷ ? = 7 (yes, ? = 6).  Children will not be asked such questions, but the brightest should be able to answer these, especially those preparing for 11+ tests.

Children using can often answer 50 such questions in 2 minutes (less than 2.5 seconds a question) after practice (intially they take 8 minutes or longer). Aim for the highest and you will succeed!

Try 10x tables on demo by clicking here
(Load demo and look under Assigned Worksheets).

KS2 Scores

Scores are now scaled. Raw scores are converted to a scaled score where 100 is the expected standard. The lowest mark is 80 and highest is 120. A score above 100 is above the expected level. Scaling enables scores to be compared year on year. A minimum of 3 raw scores is required for a scaled score. 3 raw scores achieves the lowest 80 scaled score. You can download the conversions by clicking on this link.

KS1 Scores

Scores are now scaled. Raw scores are converted to a scaled score where 100 is the expected standard. The lowest mark is 85 and highest is 115. A score above 100 is above the expected level. Scaling enables scores to be compared year on year. You can download the conversions by clicking on this link.

Note: 11+ tests are often taken during July of Year 5 or September of Year 6 (see for more information) whilst private school entrance exams are often taken during January of year 6. SATs tests can be prepared for by downloading past papers free of charge from this site. Online systems are also highly effective. An excellent site covering KS1 and KS2 maths and NVR is, and for English is ideal. These sites are also invaluable for 11+ and independent school tests. Past Year 6 SATs papers are often the starting point for CEM 11+ (Children's Educational Material for the 11+).


SATs KS1 Test Dates 2022 (Year 1)

Date Test
Monday 6th-10th June 2022 Phonics screening week

Multiplication tables check (Year 4) 2022

Schools should administer the multiplication tables check within the 3 week period from Monday 6 June 2021  (for tables up to 12 x 12)

SATs KS2 Test Dates (Year 6) 2022 SATs Week

Date Test Duration Marks
Monday 9th May 2022 English Reading Test 60 mins 50
Tuesday 10th May 2022 English (SPaG) Grammar & Punctuation Short Answer Questions
English (SPaG) Spelling Test 
45 mins
20 mins
Wednesday 11th May 2022 Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic)
Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning)
30 mins
40 mins
Thursday 12th May 2022 Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning) 40 mins 35

Science sampling tests 2022

Schools selected for science sampling will need to administer the tests within the 2-week period from Monday 6 June 2022

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CEM 11+ at The 11+ information site.

CoolCleverKids CEM 11+ Maths & NVR

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WordBuilder for 11+ Verbal Reasoning and SATs:
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