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SATs Test Information

KS2 SATs papers are taken by children during May of Year 6 as part of the National Curriculum assessment programme. Children are between 10 and 11 years of age. These Sats tests are taken after 11+ tests and private school entrance exams. Level 3-5 papers are taken by all children and level 6 papers are taken by a select few. Calculators may no longer be used in Maths and Science papers are only sat by random schools. SATs tests can be prepared for by downloading past papers free of charge from this site. Online systems are also highly effective for preparation. An excellent site for maths is and for English is ideal.

SATs KS1 Test Dates 2024 (Year 1)

Date Test
Monday 10th-14th June 2024 Phonics screening week

Multiplication tables check (Year 4) 2024

Schools should administer the multiplication tables check within the 3 week period from Monday 3 June 2024  (for tables up to 12 x 12)

SATs KS2 Test Dates (Year 6) 2024 SATs Week

Date Test Duration Marks
Monday 13th May 2024 English Reading Test 60 mins 50
Tuesday 14th May 2024 English (SPaG) Grammar & Punctuation Short Answer Questions
English (SPaG) Spelling Test 
45 mins
20 mins
Wednesday 15th May 2024 Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic)
Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning)
30 mins
40 mins
Thursday 16th May 2024 Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning) 40 mins 35


Science sampling tests 2024
Science sampling TBC


New Marking Scheme for 2021 (from May 2016)

From 2016 KS2 SATs results levels will be replaced by scaled score. A score of 100 will represent the "national standard" and the raw mark in which it directly reflects will be calculated once all the SATs papers have been marked. This allows test results to be reported consistently from year to year. If two children achieve the same scaled score on two different tests (despite possibly having achieved different "raw scores"), they will have reached the same attainment. Level 6 papers have also bee scrapped and the standard papers will have more challenging questions to strech the most able children.

The interpretation of scaled scores will be as follows:

Mark Interpretation
< 100 Below Expected Standard
100 At Expected Standard
> 100 Above Expected Standard

Maths Content  (use for preparation)

Paper 1 (arithmetic) includes

  • Fractions (including mixed numbers).
  • Decimals (including converting fractions into decimals).
  • Percentages (and how they relate to fractions).
  • Square numbers.
  • Rounding numbers.
  • Applying Addition, subtraction, multiplication (long and short) and division (long and short) coupled with order of operations (BODMAS/BIDMAS).

Paper 2 and Paper 3 (Reasoning) are based upon more problem-solving and includes knowledge of paper 1 concepts and include:

  • Geometry (including coordinates, rotation, reflection, symmetry etc).
  • Ratios and proportions (and how to interpret them from fractions, percentages etc).
  • Charts and tables.
  • Units and measures (including time, money, temperature, weight, volume etc).
  • Shapes and their properties (including triangles, hexagons and their angles).
  • Roman numerals.
  • Statistics (Mean, mode and median).


English Content  (Use or for spellings)

Reading Test: The Reading Booklet contains three separate and unrelated reading texts. The second booklet contains the questions of all three texts. The questions in the Reading Answer Booklet are in the same sequence as the text. Questions will broadly assess a child's ability to fully understand the structure, meaning and purpose of a passage of text.


English (SPaG paper 1) Grammar & Punctuation Short Answer Questions includes:

  • Nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, determiners, conjuctions, clauses etc.
  • Subjunctive verbs, passive and active voices, subordinate clauses etc.
  • (The use of) capital letters, commas, inverted commas, apostrophes, colons, semi-colons, hyphens etc.
  • Suffixes, homophones, synonyms and antonyms.

English (SPaG paper 2) Spelling Test: same as old tests. 20 sentences are read out an one word has to be spelt correctly.

Old Marking Scheme

The expected levels are shown below. By Year 9 (age 14) children are expected to reach level 6. Many children in year 6 reach this level! Children using the CoolCleverKids website have score 99% in level 3-5 maths tests, attained level 6 in year 6 maths SATs papers as well as obtaining grammar school places.

  Year 2 (age 7) Year 6 (age 11) Year 9 (age 14)
Level 8     Exceptional
Level 7     Beyond Expectations
Level 6   Exceptional At Expected Level
Level 5   Beyond Expectations
Level 4 Exceptional At Expected Level Below Expectations
Level 3 Beyond Expectations Below Expectations
Level 2 At Expected Level
Level 1 Below Expectations
CEM 11+ at The 11+ information site
Childeren's Educational Material11+ TM

CEM 11+ at The 11+ information site.

WordBuilder for 11+ Verbal Reasoning and SATs:
CoolCleverKids for 11+ Maths, NVR and SATs:


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