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CEM 11+ at The 11+ information site.

Select state grammar school tests are known as eleven plus tests or 11+ exams and are usually held in during September or October of Year 6 or occasionally some are held during July of Year 5. There are numerous suppliers including CEM Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring® based at the University of Durham as well as NFER®/GL Assessment®.

These tests involve a number of components and can include Verbal Reasoning, which can include vocabulary (definitions, synonyms and antonyms); comprehension; cloze passages, and jumblerd up sentences. Maths and Non-verbal reasoning also form part of some 11+ tests such as CEM Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring® 11+ tests.

CEM 11+ tests

People may ask `What is the CEM 11+ test?" or CEM 11 plus exam?

Answer: The CEM 11 Plus is a selective test devised by Durham University that is usually made up of two tests, each taking between 45 to 50 minutes to complete. Both include English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning and test children aged between 10 and 11 years old.

Year 6 SATs papers are useful for 11+ maths preparation and a free question generator is available from The CoolCleverKids Website is ideal CEM 11+ (Children's Educational Material for the 11+, as well as SATs) and includes lesson notes; videos; worksheets and tests. 11+ and SATs courses are also available. This is a subscription site. is an excellent CEM 11+ (Children's Educational Material for the 11+) product and covers wordlists (spellings; meanings; definitions; synonyms; antonyms; odd one out; cloze tests, and condundrums); comprehension tests; cloze passages, and jumbled up sentences.

The 11+ website: has useful information & advice regarding 11+ exams and a vast array of CEM (Children's Educational Material) for preparation, including links to free familiarisation questions.

There simply is no such thing as an 11+ test that cannot benefit from preparation. SATs papers;; CoolCleverKids, and WordBuilder are ideal part of the CEM (Children's Educational Material).


Childeren's Educational Material11+ TM

CEM 11+ at The 11+ information site.

WordBuilder for 11+ Verbal Reasoning and SATs:
CoolCleverKids for 11+ Maths, NVR and SATs:

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